...." Being there with Rydigers guidens being able to really have this place in still within me in a very deep level that resonated in a way that was so gentle and so powerful 

that I have noticed since the session that it is remained with me 

and I have felt so much more just at ease 

and at peace regardless of what's going on externally"...

- Amber Cox, Maine, USA

…... ” The following sessions were just as profound... he uses this amazing blend of hypnosis and Vipassana Meditation, two things I was alredy familiar with, but not at bringing the two togehter and WOW it was just a blissful experience ”.....

- Sarah S. , San Diego, CA, USA

....." since then it has really resonated with me, the ripples ... the effect of that session has been with me every day and for that I am eternally grateful ".....

- Kev Webster, United Kingdom

..."I think I met with him about 6 weeks ago and I have continued to feel more and more resourceful - more and more present as I have been walking through this time of growth in my business, and I am just incredibly grateful that I met Rydiger and I have been able to experience his beautiful videos his different protocols and I am so grateful - thank you so much Rydiger" 

- Lori Hammond, Colorado, USA

...”Somehow I feel that he has taken me out of this time, space and reality where I could simply relax and find... remember the power and trust in my wisdom and I found it very... such a relief to have him leave me to my peace”... 

- Aya Jane, Tokyo, Japan

..." The first session though was the one that's really blew me away the feeling that I had immediately after the session was that this huge mountain of a problem that was standing in front of me blocking my path had somehow been flattened disappeared it wasn't there anymore and that allowed me to continue on my journey and face my challenges with a whole new disposition so I want to highly highly recommend and his protocol because I think it's something close to magic "

- Clara Benali, Los Angeles, USA

“ Working with Rydiger is nothing short of the life-changing transformation event. I was very very fortunate to work with him and I've been doing some work with him over the last few weeks but in the very first session it self he was able to get to a place where I was holding some subconscious beliefs that ingrained what no matter what I did consciously or subconsciously they just remained there and he was able to get to that place within a few minutes of us working together to be able to release those blocks and two in the first session itself I would call it and transformative a life-changing event “........ 

- Monica Mascarenhas, India

…..” I just could not feel being loved and this has been a recurring thought in my head througout my life that I could not be loved because I couldn't Feel This Love... well I had the session of Rydiger and I have to admit that it could be transformed and be used for a multitude of reasons in a multitude of issues and right away the was a difference there was a transformation”....

- Ann MacDonald, Scotland, UK

…..” he just has a way about him that is so comforting and open that helps you to really feel like you are able to ease in and just open up to the experience. Rydiger has a very comforting.... patience... energy and voice to listen to you as you go through the experience, and as he teaching me his style of meditating and taking me through the hypnotic experience, I was really able to see myself in a different way and kind of seeing the bigger picture, which is a useful experience to have in life”......

- Elizabeth Sterling, Colorado, USA

….” he knows what he's doing even though he might not be able to put into words very intuitiv, I felt very safe very supported with him by him and I just want to say if you have the opportunity to have a session with him I would definitely go for it absolutely it's one of the best so thank you ”...

- Giselle Suarez, USA

" Hello my name is Debbie and I'd like to share with you a session I had with Rydiger absolutely amazing session.... it is taken me this long to actually to sit down and do this video because of the after effects of that session. The session it self... Rydiger takes you to such a safe place to actually go deep within you self to actually find out the issues... things that you hold onto the might not even be aware that you are holding onto even.... to this day... now this is nearly 5 weeks later I'm still finding changes within me to that session was Rydiger in such a positive way ".......

- Debbie Charlton, Nothern Ireland

" Hi my name is Bellatrix I have been on a path of self-discovery and self-mastery all of my adult life, exploring a plethora of different modalities, however the activation that Rydiger has led me through recently has had an indescribable positive impact on how I view myself within the life I live…… something within me has changed.... drastically changed for the better and in turn has improved my life enormesly I would recommend a Rydigers good gentle approach to anyone and everyone you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I have gained thank you Rydiger "

- Beatrix, United Kingdom

” I am a performance coach and hypnotherapy for 15 years now and have helped alot of people and have more confidence self-esteem and I came to point that my energy go dry I have a blockage and honestly I was praying for the help to come and help came with one name Rydiger......Rydiger text me and asked me out of the blue out of nowhere if I need any help and yes it was the right moment the right time and let me tell you right person to help me ”.......

-Katerina Efstratiadou, Greece

......" I had the pleasure to do a couple of sessions with Rydiger and I would really recommend it because it was absolutely life-changing it happened in my life at the point where I was kind of lost "....... 

- Elsa Le Torrivellec ,  Mexico

....." believe me it was.... it will blow your mind... it was one of the best I've ever experienced it was revealing it was insightful it was phenomenal "....

- MonaLisa Godbole, India

"I just had an amazing hypnosis session with Rydiger Nielsen.

As I make myself a nice cup of tea before going to bed, I can’t stop smiling and repeating his words to me: “It’s really that simple. It has always been that simple.” Here’s something that will stay with me for a while!"

  - Clara Benali, Los Angeles, USA

* * * * *

"I wanted to share with you my experience with Rydiger and his hypnosis process.  As is the case with most hypnosis sessions, it was a relaxing experience but what one experiences over the next number of days is what is most important.  During the upcoming days, as my subconscious mind processed the information, I realized that I had dealt much more effectively in a number of circumstances that otherwise would have created stress for me.  The changes were so organic that only by reflecting back on the days’ events was it apparent to me.  I would strongly recommend everyone to experience this method and enjoy the fascinating changes that follow"

  - Saba Hocek, Hypnotist and Brain Re-patterning Specialist, New York , USA

* * * * *

"Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a vehicle to bring someone on a journey. If we use the analogy of a car journey or bus journey, we can all relate to a bad driver story. However to be driven by a competition driver it’s a life changing journey and memorable for all the right reasons. Rydiger Nielsen is Formula1 or NASCAR class when it comes to hypnotherapy. Ask him to bring you on a journey, you will thank me for the suggestion." 

- John A O Connor, Irland

* * * * *

"I love your work, you are researching our untapped potential that lies in our unconscious. Even better, you are allowing a client to see for themselves and to know their own power. It is an amazing projekt. Thank you". 

 - Julie Rae , Australien

* * * * *