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Vipassana Coaching Experience for Calm Confidence in your coaching practice.

Join Rydiger Nielsen, hosted by Ryan Montis, as he shares his wisdom on attaining true confidence and self-assuredness in guiding others on their journey. This training and special Vipassana Hypnosis experience is essential for anyone working in the coaching or hypnosis industry. 

Vipassana Hypnosis Full Online Event by Ryan Montis & Rydiger Nielsen ApS 

 7 th. of May 2022

Client Testimonial From:

Lori Hammond, Professional Hypnotherapist, Colorado, USA 

..."I think I met with him about 6 weeks ago and I have continued to feel more and more resourceful - more and more present as I have been walking through this time of growth in my business, and I am just incredibly grateful that I met Rydiger and I have been able to experience his beautiful videos his different protocols and I am so grateful - thank you so much Rydiger" 

- Lori Hammond, Colorado, USA

Client Testimonial From

Amber Cox, Hypnotherapist, Maine, USA 

..."Through this process when it first started it just was so apparent that how busy my mind was and it was just this noise it was just hard for me initially to be with it

but within a short period of time Rydiger was able to very gently and transformly guide me through a process

that really took me to a place of tranquillity and stillness where everything just dropped away and I was able to just be "......

Amber Cox, Maine, USA

..." The first session though was the one that's really blew me away the feeling that I had immediately after the session was that this huge mountain of a problem that was standing in front of me blocking my path had somehow been flattened disappeared it wasn't there anymore and that allowed me to continue on my journey and face my challenges with a whole new disposition so I want to highly highly recommend and his protocol because I think it's something close to magic "

- Clara Benali, Los Angeles, USA

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These video's is produced in 2022 in the context of a project about online teaching in the method of combining Hypnosis and Vipassana Meditation

Teaching will start in the summer of 2022.

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Client Testimonial From:

Sarah S, San Diego, CA USA 

…... ” The following sessions were just as profound... he uses this amazing blend of hypnosis and Vipassana Meditation, two things I was alredy familiar with, but not at bringing the two togehter and WOW it was just a blissful experience ”.....

- Sarah S. , San Diego, CA, USA

Imagine yourself without any thoughts at all

Rydiger Nielsen ApS

...”Somehow I feel that he has taken me out of this time, space and reality where I could simply relax and find... remember the power and trust in my wisdom and I found it very... such a relief to have him leave me to my peace”...

Aya Jane, Tokyo, Japan